Your Den by the Rain Forest...

Bison Wells! A place--no--realm, forgotten in time. It takes you back in time a hundred years. Or five hundred, depending on how you look at it. Whatever, Bison Wells is a holiday destination like no other. Its rugged camp-style accommodation fits in naturally with the concept "environment-matched." And it is a camp chalet built within a forest, not on top of one after clear-felling the area (!) like most other " resorts." No monstrous or vulgarly designed structures here to detract from the splendid isolation of natural panorama--all our construction blends well with the earthy ambience of mountain wilderness and rustic country.

We have dutifully remembered to keep mundane articles away from you at Bison Wells: no television, telephone, radio or newspapers. In short, nothing to remind you of Hell while you are in Heaven. We also suggest that you leave behind your mobile phone and pager. Recommended alternative forms of recreation while at camp are: trekking across the hills to the land where the bison and mountain ibex play, watching the delightful antics of the Malabar giant squirrel at the edge of the shola or rain forest just across the road, and identifying the different species of birds found thereabouts.


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And it doesn't cost the rain forest!