Wilderness Lodge

Maybe you need to take time out in a quiet place like Bison Wells to contemplate your decisions or your future afresh. Maybe you've had enough of contemplating already and need an inspiration from somewhere. Bison Wells could help you get closer to God. Or to your spouse. Or maybe you need to get away from your spouse (recommended only for a short while!)
Well.....what's keeping you from taking a plunge into an age when life was a lot less complicated? We'll help you make a dicker with Ol' Man Time. You won't regret it.

You'll find that Bison Wells is the perfect "away from the world" retreat. That's because it is promoted by the Wilderness Explorer group, people who know and care about wilderness habitat and wildlife. Wilderness Explorer is a firm owned by George and Ivy Roshan. George is a professional wildlife photographer, and Ivy, a housekeeping specialist. Together, they have tuned into the pulse of exactly what you are looking for to make your dream get-away, or to simply complete your visit to Kodaikanal. Be assured, Bison Wells is a place set up by specialists for the very special who are seeking something special and different. Bison Wells is for naturalists, bird-watchers, wildlife enthusiasts, hikers, trekkers, and outdoorsmen or even couples looking for a unique honeymoon experience.

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